Chuck Close

New Mission News Plaza


"Youth Voices"

local students

Sure Hope It Rains

Scott Donahue

Wall Canyon

Stephen de Staebler

MTA Whirls and twirls

Sol LeWitt

Life Underground

Tom Otterness

Future Roads

John Sances

Firestorm Community Mural Project

Various artists


Stephen de Staebler

Farragut Spheres

Michael Enn Sirvet


Barbara Grygutis

We Embrace

Ethebert Miller

From a Model to a Rainbow

Sam Gilliam

Bike Here

Olivier Delacour


William Wegman

Takoma Green

Words, Beats and Life


Jann Rosen Queralt

Woven Identities

Megan Walsh

The Yellow Line

Constance Flueres

Ribbons and Jewels

Hazel Rebold

The Glory of Chinese Descendants

Foon Sham

New Leaf

Lisa Scheer

Scenes from Washington

Byron Peck

River Spirits of the Anacostia

Martha Jackson-Jarvis