Periscope Tree

Donald Fels

Seattle Totem Pole

Charles Brown

Untitled Cor-Ten Steel Sculpture

Lee Kelly

Fountain of Wisdom

George Tsutakawa

Fairhope Elementary Fish Home

local students

"In Celebration of Life"

Craig Turner Sheldon

"Élan Vital"

John Medwedeff

Bottle Tree

Larry Sims

Jeff Beard

Don Stone

Tom Stafford


Bruce Larsen

"The Healing Quilt: Blanketing Our Lost Loved Ones"

Sharifah Marsden

Jerry Whitehead

Corey Larocque

"Vancouver Studio (After Matisse),2017"

Andy Dixon

Red Truck Beer Silos


"Tagging with Friends"


Yoga Collective

Molly Rose Freeman


Chad Watt


Santiago Calatrava


Nova Mihai Popa


David Henderson


Mark di Suvero


Willard Dryden Paddock

John Mead Howells

“Black E.C. Tower”

Kenneth Snelson

"Human Structures"

Jonathan Borofsky

Trail of the Whispering Giants

Peter Wolf Toth


Benny Bufano