Trail of the Whispering Giants

Peter Wolf Toth


Benny Bufano


Alexander Calder

"Padre Junípero Serra"

Douglas Tilden

Francis Scott Key

William Wetmore Story

"Bayview Rise"

Laura Hadadd

Tom Drugan

Unknown - 647 Florida Ave NW


Cliff House Totem Pole

Chief Mathias Joe Capilano

"Time Signature"

Richard Deutsch

"Not Out of the Woods Yet"

Richard Deacon

"Beyond the Trees"

Josef Norris


Richard Serra

Intertwined Silver


"Earth’s Fulfillness"

Ralph Stackpole

"Man’s Inventive Genius"

Ralph Stackpole

"Admission Day"

Douglas Tilden

"Fountain of Four Seasons"

Francois Stahly

Willie Wong Playground

Jim Dong

“Spyhopping Gray Whale”


The Malloch Building’s Three Paneled Figures

Alfred Du Pont

Coit Tower’s Christopher Columbus

Vittorio Colbertaldo

Watts Tower

Simon Rodia

The Crane