Stacy Levy

Wit and Wisdom

Stuart Nakamura

Five Neons

Richard Elliott

Common Ground

Joe Wheeler

The Fin Project: From Swords into Plowshares

John T. Young

Westlake Star Axis/Seven Hills

Robert Maki

Moon Gates

Doris Chase


Frank Jones

Ariel Buxton

Hayden Eland

Alex Leder

FIlipo Intile

Blake Wydeman

"Lady Mermaids"

Lani Imre

Bronwyn Schuster

Amanda Smart

Tia Rambaran

“The Present Is A Gift”

Drew Young

Jay Senetchko


Fintan Magee

Fence Series

Various artists


Marcos Navarro

“Aerated Rectangles” & “Five Equal Volumes”

Salvatore M. Romano

Sara, Rebecca & Mier

Boaz Vaadia

“Brooklyn Blooms”

Noël Copeland

“6 Copper Spheres”

Grace Knowlton

“Dream of Africa”

Shin Sang-Ho

“Wind Reeds”

Bill and Mary Buchen

The Midpoint

Carole Feuerman

Trail of the Whispering Giants

Peter Wolf Toth

Harry Lundeberg & Andrew Furuseth

E. Hunt

Hal Bayard Runyon


Richard Deutsch