“Brooklyn Blooms”

Noël Copeland

“Red Cabinet”

Leon Smith

“6 Copper Spheres”

Grace Knowlton

“Dream of Africa”

Shin Sang-Ho

“Four Floating Disks”

G.A. Ruda

“La Mediterranée”

Philippe Anthonioz


David Henderson

"Accord Final"


“The Book of Stone and Steel”

Ilan Averbuch


Ilan Averbuch

“Hokusai’s Wave”

Jack Youngerman


Jack Youngerman


Jack Youngerman


Mark di Suvero


Willard Dryden Paddock

John Mead Howells


Sandy Macleod


Mark Parsons

“Wind Reeds”

Bill and Mary Buchen


Philip Grausman

“Silent Beam”

Takashi Soga


Leon Smith

“Fourth Dimension”

Ann Jon

The Parthenon


The Meeting House

Mark Reigelman