"A Monumental Journey"

Kerry James Marshall

“The Present Is A Gift”

Drew Young

Jay Senetchko

Hero Mural: Evelyn Gibson Lowery



Chris Fox

Pioneer Monument

Frank Happersberger

Harry Lundeberg & Andrew Furuseth

E. Hunt

Hal Bayard Runyon

"Viva La Causa: Support Farm Workers"


"Roman Gladiator"

Guillaume (Willem) Geefs

"Portals of the Past"

Arthur Page Brown

"A Neighborhood Inspired by History and Champions"


Max Ehrman

Ed Hicks

"The Excelsior You Should Know"

Jason Gilmore

Cory Deveraux

Ocean Avenue Neighborhood Mural

Michael Manente

Juan Bautista De Anza

Julian Martinez

A.P. Giannini Tribute Mural

local students

Nicole Andrijauskas

"History of the Sunset District”

Joe Cruz

Roald Amundsen Monument

Sigvald Asbjornsen

Enola Maxwell Bench

Sharon Virtue

"History of Bayview"

Bryana Fleming

Booker T. Washington Community Center

Bob Gayton

'Diallo' John H. Jones

City College's Southeast Campus

Santie Huckaby

"What's Goin On?"

Christy Majano

"An Injury to One is an Injury to All"

Miranda Bergman

Tem Drescher

Mission Cultures Panel Project

local students

"Waves of Wisdom"

Catalina Gonzalez