"Windows to Our Heritage"

David Blancas

Oscar Alvarado

San Pedro Creek Culture Park

Michael Menchaca

Diana Kersey

Adriana M. Garcia

Katie Pell

Alex Rubio

Joe Lopez

John Phillip Santos

"Spirit of the Phoenix"

Cathy Cunningham-Little

"¡Adelante San Antonio!"

Suzy González

Michael Menchaca

Second Avenue Project

Kurt Kiefer


Stacy Levy

Wit and Wisdom

Stuart Nakamura

Chief Seattle

James Wehn

World Flight Monument

Alonzo Victor Lewis

Seattle Totem Pole

Charles Brown


Edgar Heap of Birds

Craig Sheldon Statue

Stephen Spears

"A Monumental Journey"

Kerry James Marshall

“The Present Is A Gift”

Drew Young

Jay Senetchko

Hero Mural: Evelyn Gibson Lowery



Chris Fox

Pioneer Monument

Frank Happersberger

Harry Lundeberg & Andrew Furuseth

E. Hunt

Hal Bayard Runyon

"Viva La Causa: Support Farm Workers"


"Roman Gladiator"

Guillaume (Willem) Geefs

"Portals of the Past"

Arthur Page Brown

"A Neighborhood Inspired by History and Champions"


Max Ehrman

Ed Hicks

"The Excelsior You Should Know"

Jason Gilmore

Cory Deveraux

Ocean Avenue Neighborhood Mural

Michael Manente