Kid Serve Mosaic Garden

local students

Josef Norris

"California Oral Histories"

local students

Bridge Housing Community Mural Project

Precita Eyes Muralists

"Honoring Our Ancestors / Honoring Ourselves"

local students

4911 3rd Street

Bryana Fleming

"The Joy of Life"

Catalina Gonzalez

Peter Collins

Booker T. Washington Community Center

Bob Gayton

'Diallo' John H. Jones

"A Brighter Tomorrow"

James Aaron

Nick Mejia

"People Creating A World Through Their Art"

Precita Eyes Muralists

"Tuloy Po Kayo (Welcome)"

Cece Carpio

"Puddle Jumpers"

Glenna Goodacre

"Unity in Diversity"

Josie Grant

Ping Yuen Mural

Darryl Mar

International Hotel


"Peace and Harmony"

Robert Minervini

Commodore Stockton School Annex

K.S. Chan

Willie Wong Playground

Jim Dong

Acrobatic Tag

John Kusakabe

Eliza Wee



Ben Franklin Middle’s Kid Serve Mosaic Murals

local students

Josef Norris

Puddle Jumpers

Glenna Goodacre



A Summer's Day

John Ford

Powell Street Underpass

Jeremy Hamm

Vickie Jo Sowell

M. Louise Stanley