Cave Painting




Pioneer Monument

Frank Happersberger

"Portals of the Past"

Arthur Page Brown

Booker T. Washington Community Center

Bob Gayton

'Diallo' John H. Jones

"The Blues Evolution"

Santie Huckaby

"The Holocaust"

George Segal

Joan of Arc

Anna Vaughn Hyatt Huntington

"An Injury to One is an Injury to All"

Miranda Bergman

Tem Drescher

Mission Cultures Panel Project

local students

Victoria Theatre Murals


Mission Creek Mosaic

Lillian Sizemore

Laurel True

Superior Automotive Murals

Will Burchett

Wiese Street


"Workers and Tractors"

Don Clever

United Playaz Clubhouse

Suaro Luis Cervantes

Mechanics Monument

Douglas Tilden

"The Breakers Café"

local students

Lotta’s Fountain

Haig Patigian

"Admission Day"

Douglas Tilden

"Chinatown 1889"


Coit Tower’s Christopher Columbus

Vittorio Colbertaldo

Remember Them

Mario Chiodo

Detroit Industry Murals

Diego Rivera

Phoenix Avenue Mural

The Mural Mice