Edmund Burke

James Harvard Thomas

Major General George H. Thomas

John Quincy Adams Ward

Archbishop John Carroll

Jerome Connor

Samuel Gompers Memorial

Robert Aitken

Aristide Bruant

André Neveux


Words, Beats and Life

Together We Live, Together We Rise

Jerome Meadows

Shooting for the Stars...Not Each Other

Cheryl Foster

Reaching Out - Joining Hands

Carien Quiroga

This Is How We Live

Garin Baker


Endalkachew Filfilu

Golden Years

Cheryl Foster

Guglielmo Marconi

Attilio Piccirilli

Joan of Arc

Paul Dubois

Walter Pierce Park Mural

Aniekan Udofia

Carry the Rainbow on Your Shoulders

Jerome Meadows

Legalize Arizona


Positive Actions

Alfred J. Smith

One City

Words, Beats and Life

Jason Philp

Cory Stowers

The Ball Game

Walter Kravitz

Hopscotch Bridge

local students

Deirdre Saunder

Of the People

Eglon Daley

The Spirit of Freedom Memorial

Ed Hamilton

Percy Ellis, Jr

Byron Peck

Professor Joseph Henry

William Wetmore Story