Unknown, Brentwood Recreation Center

Maureen Melille


Jann Rosen Queralt

Reaching Out - Joining Hands

Carien Quiroga

Unknown, CentroNia

local students

Golden Years

Cheryl Foster

Lamont Park, Tiles

Hester Nelson

Carry the Rainbow on Your Shoulders

Jerome Meadows

Woven Identities

Megan Walsh

Play Together and Live as One

Jerome Meadows

The Yellow Line

Constance Flueres


Albert Paley

Hopscotch Bridge

local students

Deirdre Saunder


Latin American Youth Center

Sankofa I and II

Akili Ron Anderson


Anne Allardyce-Tully


local students

Aniekan Udofia

Hillcrest Recreation Center

Walter Kravitz

A People Without Murals is a Demuralized People

Caco and Renato Salazar

Sol & Soul

Juan Pineda

Old Morgan School Place Mural


Judith C. Miller

Maribel Molina

Nikita F. Morris

Richard McQueen

Duke Ellington Mural

Byron Peck