“A Great Spirit Rises from the Ashes…”

Brandon Sadler

“Tiger Leave the Mountaintop”

Brandon Sadler

Aerial Koi Pond

Brandon Sadler


Brandon Sadler

Dragon Mask

Brandon Sadler

"Unity in Diversity"

Josie Grant

Ping Yuen Mural

Darryl Mar

"Three Wisdoms and Eight Immortals"

Josie Grant

"Dragons Gate"

Wes Wong

Lost One

"Active Memory"

Shan Shan Sheng



"Tot Lot"

Mary Fuller

"Tectonic Melange"

Lampo Leong

“Jazz Mural”

Bill Weber

The Crane

Joel Bergner

local students

Dragon Gate

Andrew T. Crawford

The Glory of Chinese Descendants

Foon Sham

Friendship Archway

Alfred H. Liu