"The Hospital Fish"

Bruce Larsen


Bruce Larsen

“Block 700”

Sean Slemon

“Waiting for Coyote”

Nao Matsumoto

“Segmented Flower Form Part 1”

Mary Judge

"Particle/Wave" & "Time/Space Continuum"

Karl Saliter

“Sitting on His Laurels”

Dana L. Stewart


Leon Smith


Avital Oz


Nova Mihai Popa

“Aerated Rectangles” & “Five Equal Volumes”

Salvatore M. Romano


Sung Ha No

“Lions at the Gate”

Wendy Klemperer

“Seven of Hearts”

Noël Copeland

“Brooklyn Blooms”

Noël Copeland

“Red Cabinet”

Leon Smith

“Dream of Africa”

Shin Sang-Ho

“Four Floating Disks”

G.A. Ruda


David Henderson

“The Book of Stone and Steel”

Ilan Averbuch


Mark di Suvero


Sandy Macleod


Mark Parsons