"The City"

Alexander MacLeitch

"San Francisco Fountain"

Ruth Asawa

"Earth’s Fulfillness"

Ralph Stackpole

"Man’s Inventive Genius"

Ralph Stackpole

San Francisco Mining Exchange Pediment

Jo Mora

Lotta’s Fountain

Haig Patigian

"The Penguins"

Benny Bufano

"Movement: The First 100 Years"

Man Lin Choi

"Big Heart on the Rock"

Jim Dine

"Fountain of Four Seasons"

Francois Stahly

"Pine Tree Obelisk"

Joan Brown



"Frog Pond"

Richard Clopton

"Puddle Jumpers"

Glenna Goodacre

"America’s Greatest City by the Bay"

Tony Bennett

The Ritz Carlton's Pediment

Haig Patigian

Robert Louis Stevenson Memorial

Bruce Porter

Willis Polk

"Goddess of Democracy"

Thomas Marsh

"Active Memory"

Shan Shan Sheng

"Five Carved Stones"

Marcia Donahue

"Tot Lot"

Mary Fuller

Broadway Tunnel’s Dragon

Patti Bowler

Silver Sails


“Saint Francis de la Varenne”

Benny Bufano