Hall of Justice’s Seal of San Francisco

Spero Anargyros


Peter Voulkos

"Overflow X"

Jaume Plensa


Jim Sanborn

Mythical Baseball


"Seismically Shaken"

Tim Yankosky

Rich Stangl

Intertwined Silver


Mechanics Monument

Douglas Tilden

"The Star Girl"

Alexander Stirling Calder


Stephen de Staebler


Peter Schifrin


Peter Schifrin


Masayuki Nagare

"The City"

Alexander MacLeitch

"San Francisco Fountain"

Ruth Asawa

"Earth’s Fulfillness"

Ralph Stackpole

"Man’s Inventive Genius"

Ralph Stackpole

San Francisco Mining Exchange Pediment

Jo Mora

Lotta’s Fountain

Haig Patigian

"The Penguins"

Benny Bufano

"Movement: The First 100 Years"

Man Lin Choi

"Big Heart on the Rock"

Jim Dine

"Fountain of Four Seasons"

Francois Stahly