Gaia and Con


local students

Aniekan Udofia


Bill Gibbons


Maurice Hill

Shaw Community Mural

Byron Peck

Air Shaft Tunnel

Val Lewton

Quadrature Nimbii

Val Lewton

Champorama Park Mural

Aniekan Udofia

A People Without Murals is a Demuralized People

Caco and Renato Salazar

Sol & Soul

Juan Pineda

Madams Organ

Charlie Hababananda

Old Morgan School Place Mural


Judith C. Miller

Maribel Molina

Nikita F. Morris

Richard McQueen

Columbia Heights Community Mural

Byron Peck

Community Rhythms

local students

Alfred J. Smith

Duality of Humanity 2

Shepard Fairey

Edgewood to the Edge of the World

Chor Boogie

Joshua Mays


Pose 2

Quest Skinner

Felipe's Story

Joel Bergner

Bohemian Cavern

Alonso Tamayo

Three Macaws

Byron Peck

Black Family Reunion Sept. '94

Byron Peck

Duke Ellington Mural

Byron Peck

Columbia Heights Is/Columbia Heights Es

local students

Tim Gibbon

Life Makes Music

Joel Bergner

local students

Presidential Mural

Karla "Karlisima" Rodas