East is West

Val Laigo

American Flag Mosaic

Bobbye Smith

Kipling Spriggs




Chuck Close

Starry Night Over Oakland

Juan Lopez

Map of the World / Where Space Meets Earth

Sarah Dorrance

Dog Eared Books

Hawley Hussey

Parque Ninos Unidos


Mission Clubhouse Mosaic

local students


Rachel Rodi

"Science and Mechanics"

Hermann Volz

"Saint Francis of the Guns"

Benny Bufano

"Sculptural deck and Bicentennial Wings"

Jacques Overhoff

"Sun Spheres"

Laurel True


Benny Bufano

"Art Panels"

Colette Crutcher

Mark Roller

"Earth Air Sea"

Mary Fuller

Kid Serve Mosaic Garden

local students

Josef Norris

"Hidden Garden Steps"

Aileen Barr

Colette Crutcher

16th Ave. Mosaic Steps

Aileen Barr

Colette Crutcher



"California Oral Histories"

local students

"Honoring Our Ancestors / Honoring Ourselves"

local students

Enola Maxwell Bench

Sharon Virtue

784 Jarboe Ave.