"Green the Excelsior Through Art"

Zoe Ani

Katherine Kodama

Matt Christenson

Nico Berry

Michael Hall

Rainbow Tree Stump


"Hidden Garden Steps"

Aileen Barr

Colette Crutcher

Ladybug Bench

Mary-Claire & Alejandro

16th Ave. Mosaic Steps

Aileen Barr

Colette Crutcher


Robert Catalusci

Enola Maxwell Bench

Sharon Virtue


Jacques Overhoff

Garage Landscape

Zoe Ani

Alta Plaza Park’s Mosaic Benches

Aileen Barr

"Wood Line"

Andy Goldsworthy

Yoda Fountain

Lawrence Alan Noble


Narcissus Quagliata

New Mission News Plaza


"A Library Book"

Vince Koloski


Richard Serra


Johanna Poethig

GEDC Family Housing

Mildred Howard

"San Francisco Fountain"

Ruth Asawa

Lotta’s Fountain

Haig Patigian

"Fountain of Four Seasons"

Francois Stahly

"Active Memory"

Shan Shan Sheng

"Light Clouds"

Al Wong

"Tot Lot"

Mary Fuller

"Tectonic Melange"

Lampo Leong