2006 artworks 1272 artists 56 cities

Quadrature Nimbii

Val Lewton

New Leaf

Lisa Scheer

King Greenleaf Recreation Center

Walter Kravitz

Champorama Park Mural

Aniekan Udofia

A People Without Murals is a Demuralized People

Caco and Renato Salazar

Sol & Soul

Juan Pineda

Madams Organ

Charlie Hababananda

Old Morgan School Place Mural


Judith C. Miller

Maribel Molina

Nikita F. Morris

Richard McQueen

Columbia Heights Community Mural

Byron Peck

Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum

Various artists

Smithsonian American Art Museum

Various artists

Phillips Collection

Various artists

Fondo del Sol

Various artists

Community Rhythms

local students

Alfred J. Smith

The Textile Museum


Kreeger Museum


Washington Monument

Robert Mills

Duality of Humanity 2

Shepard Fairey