1955 artworks 1230 artists 56 cities

The Spirit of Freedom Memorial

Ed Hamilton

The Wound-Dresser

Walt Whitman


Latin American Youth Center

Seasons in the City

Chor Boogie


Peter Krsko

Asad ULTRA Walker

Leon RAINbow

Unknown, Upshur Park

Words, Beats and Life

Sankofa I and II

Akili Ron Anderson

Sidwell Mural

Byron Peck

Percy Ellis, Jr

Byron Peck

Professor Joseph Henry

William Wetmore Story


Anne Allardyce-Tully

James Gibbons

Leo Lentelli

Perry Lions

Roland Hinton Perry

The Big Chair

Leo Hiramett

Friendship Archway

Alfred H. Liu

Columbus Statue

Lorado Taft

The Court of Neptune Fountain

Roland Hinton Perry