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Hand (Part of Give Me a Vote!)

Albus Cavus

James Gibbons

Leo Lentelli

Perry Lions

Roland Hinton Perry

River Spirits of the Anacostia

Martha Jackson-Jarvis

The Ball Game

Walter Kravitz

Earth Point

Karen Brown

Lamont Park, Gateway

Hester Nelson

Frank Howard, Josh Gibson, and Walter Johnson

Timeless Creations

Columbus Statue

Lorado Taft

Southwest Gateway

Byron Peck

Lamont Park, Tiles

Hester Nelson

Carry the Rainbow on Your Shoulders

Jerome Meadows

One City

Words, Beats and Life

Jason Philp

Cory Stowers

The Glory of Chinese Descendants

Foon Sham

Unknown, Good Libations

J Coleman and Stephen Jeter

Quadrature Nimbii

Val Lewton


Walter Kravitz


Gaia and Con