"Green the Excelsior Through Art"

Photo by ArtAround. Posted October 2015.
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This outdoor gallery was designed to “deliver nature’s beauty directly to the Excelsior Community.” The five artworks take viewers on an imaginative journey through the natural world.

The project was funded by a Community Challenge Grant awarded to SF Clean City and managed by the Excelsior Action Group. It's the first of many outdoor galleries planned for this wall - a new rotation of work from local artists is expected every three-five years.

“Washington Crossing the Delaware”
by Katherine Kodoma
acrylic paint
”Through this dreamlike depiction of trees crossing the Delaware, it is my intention to bring awareness of global deforestation to the Excelsior. Choosing a patriotic theme, ‘Washington Crossing the Delaware’ the trees have similar movements to the figures, but here they are peaking above the San Francisco fog with Mt. Diablo in the distance.”

by Matt Christenson
acrylic paint
“Bayscape brings multiple natural settings of the San Francisco Bay Area together in one composition. Using scenes of Mt. Tamalpais, Mt. Diablo, John McLaren Park, Golden Gate Park, Fort Funston, and Ocean Beach, Bayscape aims to remind the citizens of San Francisco that they live in a city immersed in and surrounded by the beauty of nature…”

“Anna’s Hummingbird”
by Nico Berry
spray paint and acrylic paint
“When I first moved to the Excelsior district my family and I were enchanted by the hummingbirds who come to visit our garden almost every day. They are a beautiful reminder of the natural world that lives alongside the hustle and concrete of the city.”

“Granite Dome”
by Zoe Ani
spray paint and India ink
“When I moved to California from New York, part of the reason was to spend more time in nature. It is much more accessible here. The panel exhibited here is based on a photo I took the first time I visited Yosemite. The immensity of the granite dome, peering out from the trees as we rounded the bend upon entering the park, was a shocking and breathtaking view.”

“Tree Graph”
by Michael Hall
acrylic paint
“McLaren park has been my backyard for over 50 years. Walking through the park in the Fall I was struck by this scene. Vivid orange, almost lurid reds, bright yellows and shifting tones of blue sky against the cool green of the cypress. I took several photographs to capture it all. Then I thought, why not paint it as separate images on one canvas…”


Excelsior Branch Library
4400 Mission Street, along the building's Cotter Street side

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