Druid Heights

Photo by Anna Bloom. Posted August 2013.
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From the artist, David Willis:

The 35' x 35' mural, called Druid Heights, was painted in acrylic on a three stage scaffold.

My daughter, 20 years old, is an artist who painted the butterfly, a mission blue and worked on the cat. She attended the Ruth Asawa School of the Arts in San francisco and is now, amongst many other things, designing T-shirts at Free Gold Watch on Waller Street in SF.

The painting is a view down Frank Valley, near Mill Valley in Marin County, looking from Panoramic Highway towards the fog at Muir Beach, with Muir Woods out of sight off to the right.

Also hidden behind a hill is the Druid Heights community where I lived in 1974-5 that has recently been suggested as being a national treasure because of its association with Alan Watts, the Buddhist writer and former Church of England priest, who lived and died there. The builder craftsman Roger Sommers, who also lived there, built many of the buildings hidden from the building inspectors in the woods. Among the structures are Alan Watts' library, repurposing a large water tank, and a tiny shack built in '67 known as the Goat House that inspired the recent Tiny Homes Movement. I was a room-mate in Druid Heights of Margo St. James who begat the prostitutes rights group Coyote and the infamous Hookers Masquerade Balls and for whom I designed the logo and many posters.

The large bird is a Snowy Egret, male in breeding plumage. The smaller egret is a female and is painted elongated to allow for the perspective view down the side alley.

I am an expat England person, other works by me are at the Haight Ashbury Tobacco store front at 1525 Haight with portraits of Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin, and the painting over the entrance to the Tibetan Gift Corner at Haight and Clayton showing a traditional Tibetan scene of sheep, horses and 2000 yaks. I also am a graphic designer working for Lloyd Kahn at Shelter Publications in Bolinas, recent publication are, Home Work, Tiny Homes and Builders of the Pacific North West.

Email Mr. Willis at dctwills@earthlink.net


210 Clayton St., San Francisco, CA

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