"Bayview Rise"

Photo by ArtAround. Posted September 2015.
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From the artists:

"The art is a dynamic visual metaphor for the transformation [of the neighborhood] through its interaction of color and light. At night different light colors cause parts of the mural of that same color to be highlighted while other colors recede into the dark background. As the light colors shift, images appear to float in and out of the scene. This striking effect of "illumination animation" results in the appearance of an animated graphic abstractly representing a neighborhood in transformation, or Bayview Rising.

Growing out of a horizon line is a pattern inspired by native islais cherry plants overlaid onto a field of shorebirds rising from the water. Soaring above is a heron, alluding to nearby Heron’s Head Park, a nearby environmental restoration project by the Port. The cow references historic Butchertown, once sited at this location. The mural’s red balloons are inspired by words of 96-year old community activist Essie Webb, who likened the neighborhood to a balloon waiting to inflate and rise. The images within the mural have been combined, overlapped, and juxtaposed in a triangular matrix so there appear to be metamorphoses between cherries and balloons, water and birds, land and leaves. This shift is emphasized with the changing colors of lights."

Fun Fact! This mural is 187 feet tall and is viewable from most of Bayview, and from I-280. It was painted on decommissioned grain silos.

Commissioned By
San Francisco Arts Commission

Pier 92, near the intersection of Amador and Illinois Streets

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