Acrobatic Tag

Photo by ArtAround. Posted May 2015.
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This mural was painted from April – July 1998 and funded by the Mayor’s Office of Community Development under the Block Grant Program, SOMAR, South of Market Cultural Center’s Mural Resource Center, and by the Chinatown Community Development Center.

“This mural is based on photographs the children and youth made while playing on the old playground equipment in the summer of 1997. They wanted to memorialize the old equipment with its high poles and their leaping, acrobatic game of tag which previous generations had created here and passed down. On the old equipment, the game took incredible balance, strength & daring, and the youth were proud of their high flying skill. They chose these pictures as the subject of the mural. A variant of this game is still played in the redesigned playground.

In the summer of 1998, while the artists were painting and the children were playing, a shooting took place in the playground. Fortunately, everyone survived. This mural is dedicated to the survival, but more than that, to the continued flowering of the Chinese community of San Francisco — especially to its running, leaping children and youth, their courage, dreams and aspirations — our inspiration.

We want to thank the 100 or more people who painted with us on the community painting day, and all those who offered their criticism and encouragement as we drew and painted from April – July, 1998.
We especially want to thank the woman who paused so often in her afternoon walks to shout encouragement: ‘Hao liang! Hao liang! Very beautiful!'”

Commissioned By
San Francisco Arts Commission

Willie “Woo Woo” Playground

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