"Si Se Puede"

Photo by ArtAround. Posted January 2016.
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This mural celebrates the life and work of Cesar Chavez, the founder of the United Farm Workers Union. His portrait is surrounded by roses, grapes, and other North American crops. The sun's bright rays symbolize Chavez's enduring spirit.

Chavez in the center is holding the hand of the child, and together the two march forward toward their future. The grape vines weaving between the school’s windows represent the life, work and struggle of the people who have contributed to California's rich agriculture.

A portrait of Dolores Huerta, a political leader and another leader of the United Farm Workers Union, is included too. In her hand, she holds a pair of wire cutters, a tool she uses to open a fence and allow more children access to freedom and education. She is also shown handing a scroll to a student with the popular phrase “Si Se Puede” or "Yes You Can" written across it. The scroll winds between the children and into the hand of Chavez, where a quote from him has been written: “Help me take responsibility for my own life so I can be free at last."

This mural was created in collaboration with Juana Alicia, Elba Rivera, Margo Bors and Gabriela Lujan. It measures 38 by 180 feet, and was funded by SF Mayors’ Office of Community Development, WESTAF, and the Zellerbach Family Fund.

After the mural suffered water damage, Precita Eyes restored it in 2014 with funding from the San Francisco School District and the Capitol Improvement Fund.


Along the east wall of Cesar Chavez Elementary School, on Folsom between 22nd and 23rd Streets

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