"What's Goin On?"

Photo by ArtAround. Posted August 2015.
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This mural is dedicated to Leroy Looper and “his belief in neighborhood people working to make San Francisco more beautiful.”

Its title was inspired by the Marvin Gaye song, and its subject matter depicts the rich history and recent transformations of the Bayview neighborhood.

"The mural depicts these changes chronologically from the right to the left... Beginning on the right side we see images of a not too distant past. The stream depicted is the Islais Creek, as it would have looked like before it was buried under the city. The grazing horses are remembered by several of the senior residents in the neighborhood.

In the center of the mural we see a movement towards our present day landscape. The automobile replaces the horse and the natural landscape is being carves up to build roads and urban dwellings. As the scene progresses we see Bayview as it is today. Multicultural symbols have been places on buildings to display the diversity that is found in the neighborhood. Ultimately the urban setting blends back into the natural environment. The mural ends in a cluster of Redwood trees showing the cyclical nature of life."

The young man near the center of the mural was based off a Revere Street resident who assisted in the mural's creation. He represents the local young people who question and reflect on "what's going on" in their community.

This mural was created in partnership with the Revere Neighbors, SF Clean City, the Precita Eyes Muralists, and funded by the SF Challenge Grant Program.

Commissioned By
San Francisco Clean City Coalition

2210 Revere Avenue, at the intersection of Revere Ave. and Selby Street underneath I-280

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